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Project Description
CommonLogon is a mechanism for Extranet web sites to have a user logon process of the scope found for network logon but with extensions for the web such as the ability to restrict logons for a given account against IP Address.

Common Logon Features
  • Passwords stored as hash
  • Password complexity rules
  • Password aging
  • Optional restriction of any account by IP Address.
  • Administrator reset of password.
  • User must change password at next logon.
  • It is targetted for Extranet web sites.

Solution Structure
  • CommonCS - C# version of the code library
  • CommonCSTest - C# unit test project of CommonCS
  • CommonLogon - C# class project to handle user authentication and authorisation (from 0.2X)
  • CommonLogonTest - C# unit test for CommonLogon
  • CommonParam - Data layer for the CommonParam project
  • CommonParamApplication - Web Application using CommonParam
  • CommonParamTest - C# unit test of CommonParam and CommonServiceAction to replace CommonParamWeb
  • CommonWebService - Web Service sample

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